Amoeba Records

“It’s like the Holy Grail of record stores!” -my friend Sofie after she walked in

Hello again! Another week has past, which means I am writing about what I have gotten up to recently. I did go to two more concerts (pvris and atlas genius) if you were wondering, but I feel that I have been talking too much about shows I go to, so this week I am changing it up and I am going to talk about my favorite record store in the entire world…Amoeba Records! Amoeba Records has a few locations, but I am going to focus on the Hollywood one for this post. If you have never been to Amoeba or any record store for that matter, I highly recommend a visit here if you are ever in town. The location in Hollywood is essentially an enormous two story building filled to the brim with records, CDs, DVDs, shirts, and anything else you could imagine. A really cool thing about Amoeba is that they put some of their inventory online, with free shipping to anywhere in the US, so if you can’t come into the store, you can still get the records for the same price! The store itself is an experience that you really can not miss, I could honestly spend hours upon hours just looking through all of the records that they have. And the fun part is that, it’s not always the same records that are out, the staff at Amoeba are really good at putting new records out and swapping up the content so there is always something new to discover! It is hard to describe just how big Amoeba is, but I did take a few pictures to try to show you guys (just a warning, the lighting inside isn’t great and I am a very amateur photographer so please be kind). Whenever I have friends that come into town to visit, no matter how short the visit, I always take time out to show them around Amoeba. It is one of those places that you just need to see in person, because words and pictures just can’t do it justice. I have visited Amoeba Records many times since relocating to Los Angeles, and I even made a few trips up here when I lived in San Diego as well! My most recent visit was this past Saturday, and I couldn’t stop myself from buying a few more records to add to my collection. Let me tell you, it is hard living so close to Amoeba, because everytime I get my paycheck I want to immediately go and spend it all on vinyl! Anyways that’s it for this week (I have a Paramore concert that I need to get too) enjoy some pictures below! Don’t forget to leave a like or a comment!

FullSizeRender 3
Here are the records I got: Tom Waits, Buddy Holly, and Elvis Costello


A look at the outside of the building!


I did mention that the lighting was bad..but all of these are records!


Its seriously amazing here

Even the hallway to get to the parking garage is decorated with posters and stickers from different bands!



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