Jackson Market

“The Secret Garden Market”

Hi everyone! I am back again to talk about an amazing restaurant that is in Culver City! I have been trying to find some great places to eat during my lunch break, so I am a little limited in my options, as it has to be close enough to my co-op that I can get there, eat, and be back within an hour. My absolute favorite place I have found so far is Jackson Market, which is what I am going to be talking about this week. The first time I went to Jackson was actually on my first day at Brave New Films. What is interesting is that all around the area where Brave New Films is located, it is very residential. It basically turns into what a stereotypical suburb looks like. Within these houses is where Jackson Market is located.


Here is what Jackson looks like from the front!


I believe that it used to be a house, but the story is is that the family started informally serving food from the backyard, and it eventually grew into a restaurant and market. I was so confused when I went here the first time because it is literally located on a residential street right next to normal houses! Even before walking into the restaurant, I fell in love with how cute the place is. There are tables and a small yard area set up so when it’s nice out, you can enjoy your food out front. Another thing I realized when I arrived, was that this place must be good because it was very busy. Walking in, there is a lot to look at, from the people making sandwiches to the left, the actual market portion of the store in the back, and the drink and snack selection to the right. The restaurant is a little bit of a mess, but in a more family owned, small store kind of way. I then went and ordered my sandwich, I got and Italian club panini-pressed. After paying for it, only $10 which wasn’t too bad because it was a big sandwich.


(Not the best quality picture, but this is a koi pond that is in the back eating area)

After getting my sandwich, I went out back to try and find a seat, and in doing this, I found what is now one of my favorite seating areas I have ever been too. Walking out, you go through this narrow hallway where the walls on both sides are covered in vines. This brings you out to what is the backyard of this remodeled house. There are trees everywhere, tables set up in groups, and even a coy pond in the very back. This area is much quieter than the inside of the market, so it very relaxing to find a seat and just take in the surroundings. On sunny days, it is especially beautiful because the trees block out a lot of the light, but there are still sunbeams that peak through. The best spot in this area is a small table in the back corner near the coy pond. This is my favorite spot because there is another fountain near the table, so you hear a lot of water running while you are sitting and eating. This whole area is so relaxing, I love sitting here and enjoying my food and not worrying about anything else.


This is the walkway you go through to get to the back eating area, the walls of the buildings are covered in plants!


If you are ever in Culver City, I would highly recommend stopping at Jackson Market, both for the relaxing atmosphere and the amazing food! That is all for this week, check back next time for some more adventures and reviews!



One more pic of some of the seating that is available in the back garden



I will end with a picture of the menu and all the desserts they have displayed! (the cookies are especially good, trust me)


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