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Yes, I seriously did see Fall Out Boy again…I will admit that I do have a problem

Hi everyone! I am back again to talk about the crazy stuff I got up to this weekend…and surprise surprise it has to do with Fall Out Boy! So if you still haven’t picked up on it, Fall Out Boy is by far my favorite band. So this weekend I was able to see them play in both San Diego and Los Angeles! This tour was in promotion of their new album that is set to come out on January 19th and I recommend checking it out! If I could change one thing about this entire tour, it would be the fact that it was a seated arena show. Personally, I prefer when shows have general admission pits, because then you know that the people at the barricade are going to be the fans that are willing to wait outside all day. At these shows, since they are all seated, even in the floor, there were times when people with seats in the front row were sitting for the entire show. And I realize that this probably happens at other shows, it can’t happen in a pit, because everyone is so close together and there are no seats. But even though it was all seated, I still had so much fun at both shows! And I will say that the one positive of having a seated arena show is that I did not have to wait outside all day, and I could dress up more than I could if there was a pit.


I was not even joking about the purple…


One of the few pictures I took that night!

For the San Diego show I was lucky enough to score tickets in the second row! I even had a friend in the same row that was four seats down from me. What was really cool about this show was that the band played their new single live for the first time that night! Which means I got to hear two of Fall Out Boy’s singles live for the first time! During both this and the Los Angeles show I tried to keep my phone in my pocket as much as possible, and I only took it out for my favorite parts of songs. I do try to do this with every show I go to, and it is really nice to be able to experience the show in the moment and not worry about trying to get a good picture of everything.

This may be one of the favorite pictures ever, my friend got this pic of Pete looking at me being an idiot during the show

The Los Angeles show was a bit crazy as well, just because on that Friday Fall Out Boy had a pop up shop where if you were one of the first 75 people, you got a meet and greet pass to come back and meet Pete Wentz on Sunday. I had a friend fly out from Texas and stay with me because she really wanted to go to an LA show and then get to meet Pete. Now I will admit that I have a problem with getting to shows too early, I would rather be way too early and in the front of the line, rather than late and chancing missing the show or not getting the meet and greet or whatever. But anyways, Kaylie my friend was ok with me dragging her to the pop up shop 12 hours before it opened. This means we got in line at the pop up shop at midnight, yes midnight. We weren’t even the first in line! But we were somewhat prepared for this night of sleeping on the streets of downtown Los Angeles, which means we had sleeping bags, a ton of blankets, snacks and water. The bad news is is that we did not have any umbrellas, and of course that night was the one night that it had to rain. So to paint a picture, we were sitting in the rain in our sleeping bags with towels over our heads all night because we didn’t have umbrellas. But in the end it was worth it, as we were the third and fourth people in the pop up shop and we were even featured on the merch company’s instagram!




A sneak peak of the pop up shop (around about 4am)



Yeah I know I’m basically famous now



We all spent a bit too much here


Los Angeles concerts are kind of wild, because there is a huge range of people that tend to show up. This was especially true at the Fall Out Boy show, as a lot of people who are old friends of the band showed up, and by chance, my seat was right next to where all the friends and family were sitting. Which now that I am thinking about it is a bit embarrassing because my friend and I were jumping around and going crazy for the entire show, so much so that people had to walk through the row behind us. It was weird to see a lot of these people walk right by us and recognize them from different bands that I was a fan of years ago. For example, Gabe Saporta of Cobra Starship walked right behind my friend and me a few times so he saw us jumping around and using the entire row to move around. This show was so much fun because my friend and I got to be crazy and jump around and sing along to all the songs and we didn’t care how stupid we looked. Oh I almost forgot to mention…I got interviewed about Fall Out Boy and music in general! There were some people who were trying to pitch a feature to noisy and vice about music fans and live music, so they interviewed me and my friend! I almost hope it doesn’t see the light of day because we did sing the chorus of “Sugar We’re Goin Down” and anyone who knows me knows that I can not sing, like at all. But it was another crazy moment from the show!


Snagged a pic of the sign as I was leaving



I had to get some during ‘Saturday’!

The craziness doesn’t end there, on Sunday at the meet and greet, I managed to sneak in so I got to meet Pete twice instead of just once. Long story short, I somehow ended up with two cards instead of just one, so after I met him the first time and got some pictures, I borrowed my friends shirt, put my hair up, grabbed some sunglasses and got back in line. I really only did this so I could have a story to tell and to see if I could actually get back in, I wasn’t too worried about getting kicked out or yelled at. What I thought would be my downfall was the fact that I had talked to the people working at the pop up a lot so I believed that they may have recognized me trying to get in again. But even though I did get some weird looks, I made it inside! Pete instantly recognized me though, so I apologized for sneaking in a second time and luckily enough he told me that it was hilarious!

Anyways, that was a short-ish recap of another crazy weekend I had because of Fall Out Boy. Hope you all enjoyed it and I will be back next week!


Part 1 of meeting Pete



Back again…


This was when he told me that it was hilarious that I snuck in again




Maybe it was…





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