The Lab Anti-Mall

but it still has an urban outfitters…

I have got some sad news today: this is going to be my last blog post, as my co-op ends this thursday so I will be moving out of Los Angeles this weekend. But the good news is that I have got a great post for you guy for this week, and I am going to see Star Wars on Thursday and Friday! This week I am going to talk about a place called ‘The Lab” which promotes itself as being an “anti-mall” which honestly it is just a really small shopping area that has a very hipster vibe to it. There are not too many stores, but there are a lot of open courtyard areas with lots of seating, so you can relax after spending way too much money on records and macaroons. I really recommend taking the time to visit all of the stores in this mall, because the vast majority of them are small, usually family run businesses. Another plus is that there is free parking, but the lot is very small, so just be aware that even though it is free parking, it is limited. The Lab opens right at 10am and stays open until 10pm, but for the first store i’m going to talk about, I recommend getting there right at 10am. The place is called Honey and Butter and they sell the best macaroons that I have ever had in my life, I am serious! They update some of the flavors they have every day, so you can get unique macaroons like Oreo, Matcha, or Cookie Butter. They even have theme days with macarons shaped like characters from Hey Arnold or Alice in Wonderland! The one thing about Honey and Butter is that the special macaroons tend to sell out pretty quickly, so you need to get there earlier rather than later to get some of the limited ones. But even if you get there later in the day, they usually still have a pretty good selection of macaroons available. Macaroons at Honey and Butter tend to run at about $2 a piece, which is pretty average in the macaroon world, so you may have to shell out some extra cash, but it will definitely be worth it.


This is what Honey and Butter looks like from the outside!



Some macaroons!


Here are just some of the options they have!

The second place that is a must visit at The Lab is Creme Tangerine Records. This is an adorable record store that is inside of an old airstream. Which as i’m writing this, I realize that both Honey and Butter and Creme Tangerine are built inside old airstreams… But anyways this is a really small record store with a good collection of old jazz records. One of the reasons why I really love this place is that even though it is so small, they keep updating their collection with new records, so it is not always the same vinyl when you visit. Another great thing is the prices! They try to keep their prices as low as possible, which is both a good and bad thing, because since the prices are so low I tend to buy even more records than I normally would. But anyways, the Creme Tangerine is right in front of the Urban Outfitters right in the middle of the Lab.

Processed with VSCO with m5 preset

Here is the Creme Tangerine!



And this is one of the many seating areas they have at the Lab!

The third place that I recommend visiting is the Gypsy Den Cafe. If you can get there early enough, they have an amazing bruch that is worth the wait for a table (which is sometimes a bit longer than I would normally wait). The prices are not outrageously high either, so you can get a really good meal for under $15 dollars. My favorite go-to items on the menu are the chorizo burrito and the brioche french toast. But overall the Lab is a really cool place to visit and you don’t even have to buy anything (even though you probably will.) It has a very nice atmosphere where you can browse around the stores they have or just sit and relax with a cup of coffee! And so that’s all for me! Thanks for keeping up with my many adventures around Los Angeles and the surrounding area! It has been a lot of fun writing about what I have been doing every week! 


The amazing Gypsy Den Cafe!


See how pretty it is!


A bit blurry but this is what you see of the Lab when you drive by


Another view of the atmosphere of the Lab!





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