The Mad Beet…

Acaiwol Nation, A Tribe Called Zest, Florange and the Machine, and Jimmy Blendrix

Hey guys! This will be another restaurant review week, about a place called The Mad Beet! Ok one of the best things about this smoothie and juice bar is the theme behind the restaurant. Every item on the menu is named after a band or musical artists! They have everything from Beyoncai bowls, which is an acai bowl with bananas, strawberries, and peanut butter, to the Lemonem, which is a juice made with lemon and honey. The restaurant is located in Pacific Beach, right around a bunch of other clothing and surf shops. The area The Mad Beet is located is very fun because there really is so much to do! Just beware of the locals on their bikes because they are fearless and will ride in front of anything, car or person!




A little look at the menu!

If you head to the Mad Beet, I definitely recommend checking out some of the stores in the surrounding area, especially this one called Pangea Outpost. While some of the clothes can get a bit pricy, the store is a really cool collection of a more beachy style. They also have a lot of small trinkets which are interesting to look at, a highlight was the back wall had a display of album covers that had been made into clocks. I will say it was the hardest thing ever not buying the ‘From Under the Cork Tree’ one. Other than Pangea, there are a lot of other small boutiques and antique shops all up and down the street where The Mad Beet is located. But as always, parking is a huge hassle, so be prepared to have to park somewhere else and walk.




Here is a Beyoncai and an Acaiwol Nation!



This is what you see when you walk in…



See the chalkboards everywhere!!


Back to The Mad Beet, another thing I really like about the place is the atmosphere. The walls are all made of black chalk board, and some of the drawings on the wall get changed pretty often. They also have a lot of seats and some tvs set up so you can take your time and enjoy your drink without having to rush right back out. Some other fun drink names are the Tropic! at the Disco, Muddy Watersmelon, Frank Spinatra, and Drink Floyd! Overall, I highly recommend that you go and check this place out, both for the atmosphere and the amazing acai bowls that you can get. And if you are extra hungry, they even offer a 32 ounce, extra large, version of all of their bowls! The prices are good for a smoothie place and they have so many different options that you can chose from. When I go I always try something different, and it’s a hard toss up to chose a drink because of the ingredients or because of the name. I will admit that the first thing I got was the Tropic! at the Disco (sadly there are no Fall Out Boy references on the menu) But either way, whatever drink or bowl you get, it will be worth the price and hassle of finding parking! That’s all for this week! Sadly this blog is coming to an end pretty soon, as I only have a few more weeks left of my co-op, but I will be sure to keep it interesting and hopefully entertaining!


I thought the logo was cute…I mean he has a smoothie!!

A better look at the full menu!



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