Week 2 – an intro and a comedy show

“I hate cul-de-sacs. There’s only one way out, and the people are kind of weird.”

Hello again! I now realize that I got a little too excited to write about the concerts I went to that I completely forgot to talk about my co-op and how I got it. So this week I am going to give a bit of information on what a normal day is like for me at Brave New Films, but also still talk about a comedy show I went to! So at Brave New Films, I am a research and outreach intern, which means I work more on pushing the films out to people so that they can watch them. Brave New Films is a social justice documentary filmmaking non-profit, and all of our films are available for free to stream from our website (so feel free to check any of them out) In a normal day, I usually check to see if anyone has registered to screen one of our films, if they have I will enter them into the system and send them a dvd copy of the film with a discussion guide and other materials relating to the topic of the film. Brave New Films covers a range of social justice topics from bail reform to gun violence to Walmart, so there is a lot of variety in the films people register for. After that I might have different tasks assigned to work on. Right now I am helping to build the educator’s guide for a new series we have coming out about immigration. This means that I am helping to build a timeline, background information, discussion questions, and further reading that will go into the guide for the film’s release. Other weeks I have work to do based more on outreach, meaning I will look for new organizations or schools that may be interested in watching our films and reach out to them to let them know it is completely free to do so. I really enjoy my work so far, and the office environment is very relaxed and fun to be in. The office is a converted motel, so every department has its own separate motel room, and then there is a large courtyard area where lots of people eat their lunch when its not too hot out. Another cool fact is that the office is literally right across the street from the Sony Picture Studios, which hopefully I will have an opportunity to take a tour of soon!


Here is a view right outside of the office I work in



Lots of plants!



The chairs are more comfortable than they look I swear!




Ok one last picture of the courtyard


Now I couldn’t just talk about my co-op this week, so I have also decided to detail my experiences going to my first ever comedy show! Now I will preface this by saying I only went because I heard Pete Wentz was going to be there, but I had so much fun that I definitely want to go again! If you don’t know Pete is the bassist for Fall Out Boy, which is my favorite band and you will hear more about them in my post for next week. The show was a script reading of the 1989 film The ‘Burbs, which starred Tom Hanks and Carrie Fisher (if you haven’t ever seen it, I highly recommend watching!) The reading was held at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in Hollywood and had a celebrity cast, including Cory Danziger who reprised his role as Dave Peterson, the Peterson’s 11 year old child. Pete Wentz read the part of Ricky originally played by Corey Feldman and he did a really great job with it. The entire cast was hilarious and even though I wasn’t really sure I would enjoy a read through of a script like that, the people who were there made it more fun than just watching the movie! I will also attach some pictures below! Leave a like or a comment if you have any ideas of things I should see/do while I’m in Los Angeles! See you guys next week!


Pete Wentz is the third from the right



A picture of the rest of the cast



The theatre is in a really nice area in Hollywood, so if you are ever in town I definitely recommend checking it out! There is even a used record/book store right next door with really good prices!



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